Using shipped semen, frozen or cooled, is an extremely valuable option to breeders wanting to breed their mares to stallions from across the nation, or even across the world. Utilizing shipped semen does requires precise mare management.

That's where Vista Equine can help. We specialize in one thing; equine reproduction! Resident veterinarians Dr. Melissa Syndergaard and Dr. Jill Cook combine numerous years of expertise in managing mares for breeding with cooled and frozen semen. Clients from across Colorado and all over the nation bring their mares to Vista Equine for our superior equine reproduction expertise.

Our main goal is to get mares in foal and keep our client’s costs down. It is in our best interest to manage your mare well and get her in foal. By using an ultrasound with every palpation, maintaining a healthy deworming, vaccination, and feeding regimen, and keeping a staff well-versed in equine reproduction, we are able to get a majority of our breeding management mares in foal on their first cycle. When the mares get in foal early on there are fewer shipment costs, veterinary fees, and board charges. This translates into money saved for our clients.


If you have any questions at any time please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your individual breeding management needs with you.