Embryo vitrification, or freezing embryos, is an excellent solution for owners who want to preserve the genetics of their valuable mares. At Vista Equine, we are committed to helping our clients through this highly technical process so that they may gain the most from their equine investments.


Embryo vitrification allows an already fertilized egg, or embryo, to be frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen until the owner would like to transfer that embryo into a recipient mare. The embryos can be stored indefinitely and transferred at any time whether it’s the following breeding season or 50 years down the road. Embryo vitrification is the only available option to preserve a mare’s genetics, so these stored embryos have the potential to continue on the donor mare’s contribution to her breed years after her reproductive prime or even after her death.


Additionally, an owner can elect to do embryo vitrification on a donor mare that has a strict race or show schedule during the traditional breeding season. If a mare is available for breeding in August or September we can breed her then, vitrify her embryos and then transfer them the following season when she has already resumed her competition schedule.


If you have decided embryo vitrification is the right option for your donor mare, our team of equine professionals will begin the artificial insemination process and manage your donor mare just as if we were going to do a traditional embryo transfer. Your mare will be monitored by daily ultrasound to determine the day she ovulates (releases her egg). Her embryo flush will be scheduled approximately 6 to 6.5 days post ovulation. Embryo vitrification flushes are scheduled earlier than traditional embryo transfer as the embryo to be vitrified needs to be younger in age so it can withstand the freezing process. When an embryo is recovered it is evaluated under a microscope to determine it is of high quality and optimal age to undergo vitrification. Suitable embryos will then be cleaned, prepared, vitrified, and will remain in liquid nitrogen storage tanks right here at Vista Equine.


If you think embryo vitrification is the right solution for you and your mare, please contact Vista Equine.