Equine embryo transfer is a safe but technical procedure, which involves the removal of a fertilized egg, or embryo, from a donor mare and transplanting it into a synchronized recipient mare. Transferring horse embryos is a great option for mare owners who don't want to jeopardize the health of their mare, don't want to interrupt her competition schedule, or want to have multiple foals during a given season.


-Weighing Health Concerns

The equine embryo transfer process can eliminate numerous health problems or concerns horse owners may have when their mares are pregnant. Some mares are unable to carry a pregnancy to term due to various age related issues. Additionally, poor uterine environment, cervical tears, or soundness problems can make a mare a poor candidate to carry her own pregnancy. Complications that could arise during and after foaling may not justify a valuable mare carrying her own pregnancy. Transferring an embryo from these mares to a healthy recipient mare is often the only way these mares can continue to carry on their genetics.


-Competition Season

Horses that race or show are seasoned athletes. A pregnancy could make them unable to compete for a season or more and she may not be able to return to the same physical level as before carrying a pregnancy. Equine embryo transfer is often the only breeding choice for owners who whish to capitalize on their mare’s young fertile years but also maximize her value as a race or show horse. Well-timed embryo transfers can be performed in between a mare’s race and show schedule without interrupting her training or travel commitments.


-Raising Multiple Foals

Raising more than one foal out of a donor mare in a single year can be an excellent option for many reasons. Traditionally a mare can only produce one foal a year which would prolong the time it takes to prove her as a broodmare. By utilizing equine embryo transfer an owner has not only had the chance to prove his mare quicker but has also increased their potential profit by having more than one valuable foal to sell.


-Late Foaling

A mare that has a late foaling date can still produce a foal for the following year with embryo transfer but remain open to be bred early herself the following season.


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