Vista Equine offers foaling services to all clients that wish for their mare to receive 24 hour observation and care during late pregnancy and delivery.


Vista Equine delivers about 125 foals every year with each one of them receiving personalized care and attention.  All mares are monitored 24 hours a day and the Foalert monitoring system is used to help ensure that all deliveries are attended.  Well trained foaling attendants and Veterinarians are always available to make sure that your mare and new foal are well cared for and treated if any complications arise.


Fetal position is checked immediately after your mare’s water breaks and any necessary adjustments are made.  Once your new foal is born its umbilicus is treated, an enema is administered, and antibiotics are given.  The mare is also given antibiotics and her colostrum (first milk) is tested for antibody levels.  At 10 hours of age a blood test is performed to measure the level of antibodies the foal received from the colostrum are adequate.  If those levels are not low further treatment is given to help ensure a happy and healthy foal.