Freezing and storing a stallion’s semen allows not only stallion owners, but mare owners many more breeding options. 

Stallions can be collected in the fall, after the showing and breeding season, and that semen can be stored for the next, and many other breeding seasons. Mares can then be bred to stallions without interrupting their show schedules, and to stallions that otherwise would not have been able to accommodate them due to an overfull book.


One of the greatest aspects of frozen semen for a stallion owner is the ability to permanently preserve their stallion’s genetics. Frozen semen is an excellent way to provide insurance against future infertility, over booking, or death of the stallion. Once frozen, the semen will keep indefinitely in liquid nitrogen.


It is critical that semen be of excellent quality prior to freezing and is processed properly by someone experienced in stallion semen freezing.


Vista Equine now offers stallion owners the ability to haul their stallion to our facility and we will perform all of the collections and freezing procedures onsite. We can then store the stallion’s semen at our facility or ship it to another location. This allows our clients to freeze their stallion’s semen and use that semen to breed mares instead of hauling him back and forth throughout the year for haul in collections.